Swimming with a crab

Here’s the story of me swimming with a crab in the Saint Laurence River in the city of Matane. While swimming and paddle boarding, I noticed a crab walking on the sandy bottom.

About crabs

Crabs are found in all of the world’s oceans, as well as in fresh water and on land, particularly in tropical regions. About 850 species are freshwater crabs.

Crabs living in the Saint-Laurence River around Matane are a common sight for locals and tourists alike. The species of crab that is most commonly found here is known as the Green Crab and their numbers have been steadily increasing over recent years. This particular species was first noted in the area back in 1880 and has since become quite abundant. They can be found in rocky areas and muddy-bottomed areas, with mudflats being a popular habitat for them. As the water temperature increases during the summer months, so does their activity level as they hunt for food and mates.

The Green Crab is an omnivore and has been known to consume a variety of items including small fish, mollusks, and even plant material. They also scavenge for food that has been washed up onto the shoreline or into the shallow water. As they consume these items they help to keep the local ecosystem in balance by eating smaller creatures like mussels that are competing with native species for resources.

About Petit-Matane

Petit-Matane is a small city located in the Gaspésie region of southeastern Quebec. It is situated on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, around 10 km east of Matane. Petit-Matane is a peaceful and tranquil place that offers its residents and visitors a unique experience. The town is particularly known for its small but abundant crab population, which can be seen feeding in the shallow waters along the shoreline and in the various small coves scattered around Matane Bay.