Being a Volleyballer

Being a Volleyballer

My Passion for Volleyball

I adapted my lifestyle to maximize my playing time. Always thinking how to get my feet on a sand court. From the area I lived, to the school I attended, the girlfriend I was dating and even  vacation destinations!

FIVB Beach Major Series – Volunteer Ball Retriever

It was a pleasure to be a volunteer ball retriever during the 2017 and 2018 FIVB Beach Major Series in Fort Lauderdale. It was a great opportunity to be on center court with legends like Phil Dalhausser and Kerry Walsh from the United States. It was fun to see fellow Canadian athletes Sam Schachter and Sam Pedlow and other international teams Gibb/Crabb, Evandro/André,  Herrera/Gavira and more. If you are interested to volunteer in the 2019 event, if you’re motivated, enjoy working in a team and you are free between February 5-10 then what are you waiting for? Fill out your application form now.

JP Godbout in action as a volunteer ball retriever on center court during the 2018 FIVB Beach Major Series in Fort Lauderdale.
JP Godbout in action as a volunteer ball retriever on center court during the 2018 FIVB Beach Major Series in Fort Lauderdale.


Playing Pro Beach Volleyball

Since the 1990’s, I played thousand of games and hundreds of tournaments taking part in 10 Canadian National Championships and 20 Quebec Provincial Championships. Thanks to my partners in this wonderful journey to excellence.

Coaching Beach Volleyball Athletes

Since 2005, I had the opportunity to be involved in the development of high level athletes in beach volleyball. I was inspired by other coaches like Steve Anderson, Lauren McLeod, Glen Hoag, like It’s fascinating to be one of their guides in their journey to improve towards their full potential. I would like to congratulate remarquable athletes like Guylaine Dumont (CAN), Marie-Andrée Lessard (CAN), Hugo Rosso (CAN), Simon Fecteau-Boutin (CAN), Ivan Reka (CAN), Melody Benhamou (FRA), Déborah Giaoui (FRA), Linlin Matuatu (VAN), Miller Elwin (VAN), Henriette Latika (VAN), Joyce Joshua (VAN),


Sharing the passion of the Olympic sport of beach volleyball in island countries of the south pacific region of Oceania. Project part of a School and Community Program.

One Island at a Time

Beach Volleyball Grassroot Development Program in outer islands of the south pacific. Project in collaboration with the international federation and National Olympic Committee.

Vanuatu Beach Volleyball: Getting school teachers involved in the recruitment process of potential junior beach volleyball athletes helped to develop sport structures. Thanks also to sponsors and community support.

Coaching National Teams

Proud athletes representing the Vanuatu Beach Volleyball National Team competing at the Oceania Championship in Noumea, New Caledonia part of the Olympic qualification process.

Coaching at Oceania Championship

Vanuatu athletes getting noticed by defeating New Zealand at the Oceania Championship in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Olympic High Performance

Surrounded by Olympic Committee Development Officer Joe Joel, Oceania Beach Volleyball Commissioner Debbie Wooster, Olympic Gold Medal coach Steve Anderson and Australian Coach Lauren McLeod before a coaches certification at the Vanuatu Stadium Court.

Olympic Solidarity

Part of the IOC program, development of beach volleyball sport structures in the south pacific was possible. I contributed as a beach volleyball consultant for the International Olympic Committee..

Canadian Beach Volleyball Athlete, Guylaine Dumont – Paris 2005
Canadian Olympian on FIVB Tour
Coaching international beach volleyball athletes on the FIVB. Here with 2004 Canadian Olympian Guylaine Dumont while coaching on a European journey. Picture taken at Stade de France in Paris.

Where do I Play Beach Volleyball?

I have my hangout spots to play beach volleyball in different cities.


Developing the Sport

Coaching International Athletes


Volleyball Announcer

I was honored to be the announcer for many university volleyball matches during the 2014 season for both womens and mens Montreal university teams. I appreciated announcing spectacular matches against top Canadian teams with dedicated student-athletes. Learn more:


Indoor Volleyball Player

I started to play volleyball in physical education classes in high school. Competing and coaching for 20 years, sand volleyball or beach volley is an Olympic sport that brought me around the planet many time.