In this article, I will explain how I started juggling in my teenage years inspired by circus performances seen on TV. I was fortunate to have opportunities to practice and perform juggling routines for a variety of audiences. My juggling career extended for over 10 years and included talent shows, street performances, weddings and public festivals.

Juggling Entertainment

Juggling with 5 Objects

With some practice and dedication, I was able to consistently perform juggling with 5 balls (or 5 rings) during public representations.

Juggling with Knifes & Fire

With the mindset of continuous improvement, I upgraded my juggling skills by adding a variety of objects like knifes and fire torches. While more impressive and dangerous, it’s the same techniques and patterns. An extra level of difficulty comes from properly perceiving the moving object. Knifes are slim and the rotating blade is harder to see. For fire juggling, the issue is being blinded by the fire in contrast of the surrounding darkness.