Swimming Record Holder

Competitive swimmer for years, I attended hundreds of swimming competitions around the world including Olympic trials, NCAA, National championships, etc. While this individual sport is about pushing your own personal limits, surpassing a ‘personal best’ requires a team effort. I am grateful for friends, coaches, parents and relatives supporting this journey. Read my articles about swimming.

Scuba Diving Instructor

Whenever I can bring a camera underwater, I jump on the occasion to record things and share it. I had the opportunity to dive in amazing places and felt a responsibility to show these wonderful things. My log book has over 800 recorded dives and am certified PADI instructor. Checkout my YouTube Channel for beautiful dives in Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Cuba, Florida. Read my articles on scuba diving.

Beach Volleyball Coach

I love volleyball ! Since the 1990’s, involved in developing it and playing it, I traveled the world. Winning tournaments, playing pro, coaching athletes, being an instructor for federations, consultant for the Olympic committee… and a beach bum looking for a pepper partner. I played in 10 Canadian Beach Nationals and 20 Quebec Beach Provincial championships. I coached  athletes in many countries (Canada, United States, France, Austria, Vanuatu, New-Caledonia, New-Zealand, Australia). Read my articles about volleyball.

Sport Commentator

I am a bilingual sport commentator who specializes in analyzing and commentating volleyball games. Over the past 20 years, I have covered both indoor and beach volleyball events such as the FIVB Beach Tour, the Volleyball Quebec Beach Tour, and University Sports. You can also find archived indoor volleyball games that I have commentated in French for the Montreal University men’s and women’s teams.

Cyclist with an eBike

Discover my electric bike experiences commuting in Montreal with a BionX since May 2016 cycling over 10,000 km (6000 miles). Learn more about what motivated me to test an alternative way to commute in a dense urban area. Learn what’s the cost of an electric bike and where to buy it. What is the power of an electric motor to assist a cyclist? What is the maximum speed of an electric bike. What are the rules an regulation to follow when riding an electric bike in the streets? Read my articles about cycling.

Geek with Digital Products

For the past 20 years, I helped companies improve their online results! Successfully managing products and brands on the internet, using analytic skills to understand the collected data, I optimize the user journey to improve goal conversions. Looking for help with your website, your digital products, online marketing strategies, view my LinkedIn Profile.

Photographer for iStockPhoto

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Broadcaster on YouTube

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Listening to Music

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