Welcome to my personal site where I take the time to share some thoughts about moments that take our breath away!

Sharing Moments That Take Our Breath Away!

I work behind a computer, play sports and love to be in the water. I also write about transportation; sharing my experiences riding an electric bike for more than 10,000 km, using a car-sharing service for over 10 years, commuting in public transportation and traveling flying in airplanes. I also share tips and tricks to stay healthy based on my athletic background as a former high-level athlete and coach. This website also displays information on my swimming background with over 20 national championships, hundreds of medals and aa dozen records. Furthermore with water, I share my scuba diving experiences in a variety of adventures in amazing places like Fiji, Vanuatu, New-Caledonia, Florida, Cuba, etc. My other passion in life is beach volleyball! It allowed me to have fun by playing over 20 years competing around the world and being involved in coaching athletes and commentating events.

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