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eBusiness & eCommerce

I provide tangible benefits for a variety of stakeholders by increasing brand recognition, customer acquisition, client retention and improved customer satisfaction. 

Web Strategies
Business Analysis, Strategic Advises, eCommerce Goals, Employee Training, Coaching, etc. 

Web Creation
Website, domain names, online store, merchant accounts, content management, translation, etc.

Traffic Acquisition
Search Engines Optimization, Social Medias Management, Marketing Campaigns, Media Buying, etc.

Optimization & Conversion
User Behavior Analysis, Landing Page Improvement, Conversion Funnel, Tracking Goals, A/B Testing.

  • 15+ Years of Web Experiences
  • Certified Google Analytics Individual
  • Entrepreneurship Innovation Award
  • Master Degree from a Business School
  • Portfolio of web projects with a variety of industries
  • Attending conferences: TED, CreativeMornings, DoYouSEO

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