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Save the oceans!

Show your support to have more ressources involved in protecting the planet. I invest efforts in the aquatic world, which represent 70% of our planet's surface. As a competitive swimmer and scuba diving instructor, I appreciate the importance of a clean environment and have witnessed so much things. One step at a time, I'm educating people (as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor), sharing information (with a YouTube Channel), taking action by cleaning debris and restoring coral reefs (with Project Aware). I'm also looking forward to be a merman and do more bubbles.

Keep the ball flying!

Show your support to volleyball! This awesome sport is great to improve physical abilities, communication and teamwork. Former pro player and physical education teacher, I coach to bring participants, athletes and teams closer to their full potential. Play-by-play announcer and tournament organiser, I am also on the volleyball committee at Jeanne-Mance park in Montreal and looking to eventually have an indoor beach center.

Break another record!

Show your support to help me break another swimming record. Occasionally competing in the Masters, I'm looking to break different records. 

Get a real job! (or start a company)

Show your support to provide a haircut, clean pair of shoes and basic necessities to get (or keep) a normal office job. You contribution can also support related expenses to search opportunities and filter offers, build a resume, write a cover letter and send an application to the proper contact, in the proper format, at the perfect timing. Technologies like a computer, smartphone and tablet might be required. Basic software licences, internet connection and transportation cost will be considered. Thank you for your support!