My Electric Bike Experience

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Documenting since 2015 my electric bike experience to commute around Montreal.

Why an Electric Bike?

It's a combination a little things that made me look into electric bikes. 
  1. Annoying Traffic & Parking
    Gridlock chaos occurring more frequently when commuting by car removed all advantages of saving time and minimising stress. 
  2. Cost of Transportation
    Regardless of how you make your calculation (time or money), things are not getting cheaper with increasing prices (fuel, insurance, license, parking, permit, etc.).
  3. Getting older
    When reaching 40 years old, my body was letting me know that riding a bicycle required more energy to do the same distance (at the same speed) with the variety of conditions that cyclist usual faces (hills, wind, etc.).

Choosing an Electric Bike

After 20+ years with the same bicycle (purchased at Costco for $300), it was eventually time to upgrade. Looking online and in local store, I choose a BionX system already setup by Velo Branché on a hybrid bike (Specialized Crossroad). I spend $3000 CAD.

Video Review of the BionX

Here's a video review from

Typical Usage

I use my electric bike to commute about 30 km daily, which represent 150 km per week, adding up about 600 km a month or 4000 km per season. I avoid riding my electric bike in the 'hard' winter after snowstorm or icy conditions. 

About me
I consider myself as an average cyclist, using a cheap bicycle (<300$) for the past 20 years. I am riding a bicycle to commute around Montreal.