Product Manager with Analytics Skills 
and swimming record holder, scuba diving instructor, beach volleyball coach

Product Manager 

For the past 10 years, I helped companies improve their online results! Successfully managing products and brands on the internet, using analytic skills to understand the collected data, I optimize the user journey to improve goal conversions. Learn more

Swimming Record Breaker

Competitive swimmer for years, I attended hundreds of swimming competitions around the world including Olympic trials, NCAA, National championships, etc. While this individual sport is about pushing your own personal limits, surpassing a 'personal best' requires a team effort. I am grateful for friends, coaches, parents and relatives supporting this journey. Learn more

Underwater World

Whenever I can bring a camera underwater, I jump on the occasion to record wonderful things and share it. Checkout my YouTube Channel with a dedicated scuba diving playlist. Learn more

Keep the Ball Flying! 

I love volleyball ! Since the 1990's, involved in developing it and playing it, I traveled the world. Winning tournaments, playing pro, coaching athletes, being an instructor for federations, consultant for the Olympic committee... and a beach bum looking for a pepper partner ;-)  Learn more

Commuting Experience - Electric Bike in Montreal

Discover my experience of commuting daily to work in Montreal using an electric bike over a 2-year period (2016/05 & 2017/12).  Learn more about what motivated me to test an alternative way to commute in a dense urban area. Check out the details and follow the results! I'm sharing the journey... Learn more